Takahiro ONO was born in Fuji-City /JAPAN in 1977.

Mr. Ono graduated from Tokyo College of Music with a special scholarship in the performance category and was granted a research fellowship in France to study trombone - under the auspices of the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, which sends young artists of proven talent abroad. He was introduced to the “Saqueboute” in Paris at that time.

In 2002, he graduated from the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris (CNR) and the Conservatoire National de Region de Boulogne (CNR), where he received First Prize in the Leopold Bellan Music Competition.

Mr. Ono has participated in the Asia Youth Orchestra as a principal trombone player, and in several music festivals including the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival, the Pacific Music Festival, and the Sables Baroque Music Festival with performances in England , Germany , Switzerland , France , Italy , Hong Kong , Vietnam , Korea , Australia . He has also performed often in charity concerts sponsored by UNICEF.

The Director of the Trento Conservatoire, Cosimo Colazzo, composed “LA LENTA DISCESA” for Takahiro ONO which he performed for the first time in January 2006 in Japan.

Mr. Ono has performed with many renowned artists, including Branimir Slokar, Jacques Mauger and Andre Henry. His other activities include instructing trombone for the National Cultural Festival as well as participating in several prestigious music festivals such as the Shiga Music Festival, the Kitakai Music Festival, the Hida Trombone Festival, and the Yatsugatake Music Festival.

He has given many solo recitals in his home country of Japan, and has performed also in numerous schools which are supported by the Japanese Government’s culture program. Mr. Ono is often invited to perform as soloist in the Trombone Concerto with many orchestras including the Tokyo New City Orchestra, the Philharmonia Burleske Orchestra, the Orchestre Chanteclair, and the Orchestre Philharmonique Ritae.

He was Assistant Professor under the class of Mr. Jacques Mauger at the Nice International Music Academy from 2007 to 2009, and now he is a professor at the Yamaguchi College of Arts; an Administrator for the Association Franco-Japonaise des Amis de la Musique; and for the Japan Association of Trombone, he is working for the education of young artists as a Director of the Japan National Music Competition of Trombone.


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